Get Money

PetTags4Less Reward System features:

  1. Invite new users in a huge variety of ways.
  2. Get a discount for new referrals.
  3. Use this discount for future purchases.
  4. Invite users via email systems and social services or a direct link.




A new Invite Friends menu will appear in user’s account.

Fetch Adressbook tab.

In this tab you may list the friends’ email addresses separated by commas and add them
to the list or take address book from email accounts. Also, the customer can log in Gmail,
Yahoo! or Hotmail and get a list of all friends to the address book.

After adding addresses, the user should go to the Send Invitation tab, where all his
addresses and friends are displayed.

In this tab, the user may correct a message for sending, choose users from email and send
them an message on one click. Message template is created above. Also the customer may
share a message in Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, MySpace, LinkedIn, Live Journal etc.

To view credit status, you should go to the My credit tab.

Every customer gets a special discount coupon upon inviting the required number of friends.
He should use the special code to get the discount.


Our Reward System is very simple and fun. Create your account now, share it and get money!