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Rayability Bling Bling Dog Collars with Rhinestones

Rayability Bling Bling Dog Collar with Rhinestones (Made in China)Collar XS, Total Length 12", Neck adjustable 8-10.5" = $9.99 free shipping Collar S, Total Length 14.5", Neck adjustable 10-12.5" = $10.99 free shipping Collar M, Total Length 16.5", Neck adjustable 13-15.5"= $11.99 free shipping Collar L, Total Length 20", Neck adjustable 16-18.5" = $12.99 free shipping*** Hover your mouse over the picture.***
As low as $9.99
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Rayability Bling Bling Dog Collar with Rhinestones (Made in China)1. Shiny Bling Bling Rhinestones: Clear Shiny Bling Bling Rhinestones are stick firmly on studded metals. It is very eye catching.
2. Design: 1 Inch wide collar strap with a ring for pendants or name tags. Adding a lovely and fashionable pendant will make your pet more trendy. This is a perfect collar for beauty pageant or pet show for your pet dogs or cats.
3. Cow Suede Leather and PU Leather: Front surface material is cow suede leather and the back is made from PU leather. Suede leather is more durable and softer than PU.
4. Size Adjustable: With 5 buckle holes to adjust a better and softer size for your lovely dogs or cats.
5. Please measure your pet neck girth before purchasing. If it is close to higher range, we suggest to range up.
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